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Our design and installation service for all HVAC systems have been successfully implemented in many commercial and residential environments including office parks, hotels, restaurants, retail and residential developments.


Ventilation is the least expensive and most energy-efficient way to cool buildings. We provide the most effective methods to avoid heat build-up in your home or office. Natural ventilation will suffice for cooling, although it usually needs to be supplemented with spot ventilation, in which case we would be able to provide you with the perfect solution.


Emerg Air are here to help you with your extraction system that fits both your budget and requirements. Whether in a restaurant or office building, an extraction system works around the clock to remove smoke, unpleasant odours and other chemicals floating in the air.


EmerG-Air have developed a reputation within the hospitality industry for our complex designs of commercial refrigeration facilities that exceed the expectations of our clients . When it comes to designing and building bespoke central production facilities, cold rooms and blast chillers we can ensure they remain energy efficient and sustainable throughout their lifespan.


Refrigerant guidelines requires every company using air conditioning or commercial refrigeration to comply with regulations. This doesn’t have to be your burden, let us take care of your HVAC and refrigeration systems and we’ll make sure you comply. By doing so we save you money and improve the overall lifespan of your system and enhance your green credentials.

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